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Visual Studio ALM VM 2017 Winter Update Available

I am excited to announce that The ALM VM updated to Visual Studio Enterprise 2017 (15.5) and Team Foundation Server 2018 is now available. Key highlights of the version:

  • Updated to Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise 2017 (15.5) and Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2018
  • We have got back Standard edition of SQL Server and Microsoft Test Manager in the VM
  • We have added 5 new labs including 2 labs on Azure
    • Collaboration Experiences for Development Teams with Wiki
    • Debugging with Snapshot Debugger
    • Managing Delivery Plans with Team Foundation Server 2018
    • Authoring ARM Templates with Visual Studio
    • Building ASP.NET apps in Azure with SQL Database

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Microsoft Visual Studio ALMVM 2017 – Available Now!

We are excited to announce the 2017 version of the Microsoft Visual Studio ALM VM – with updated versions, new application, updated and new hands-on-labs based on the new features and enhancements in Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server 2017.

We have also moved the ALM VM labs to a new site that we hope will simplify the navigation, search and overall experience for our users.

Here are the key highlights of the 2017 version:

  • Upgraded Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server to 2017
  • Upgraded to Windows Server 2016, Microsoft Office 2016 and SQL Server 2016
  • Replaced Tail Spin Toys application with Parts Unlimited
  • Brand new labs for new features in VS and TFS 2017

You can download the VM or simply access it on the TechNet Virtual Labs from a browser or run it on Azure by uploading the VHD to your own Azure subscripton. To find out more including links to download the VM and the Hands-on-Labs, please check out the new site at

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ALM VM 2017

We have started working on the ALM VM update to Team Foundation Server 2017  and Visual Studio 2017. This will be a brand new VM with new application, upgraded version of Windows and Office and more hands-on-labs. We estimate to complete the update and make the VM and the Hands-on-Labs publicly available by the 2nd week of March 2017.

If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions it would be great to hear from you.

Until then stay tuned!


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Java Development with VSTS – Available Now!

Courtesy of our partner North West Cadence, a new VM dedicated to Java Development with VSTS is now available at 

This brand new virtual machine built on Ubuntu 14.04 comes preconfigured with all the software you require to run through the accompanying Hands-On-Labs. These labs will help you explore how the combination of Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS),Eclipse and Team Explorer Everywhere allows you to leverage the Microsoft DevOps platform for Java development.
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ALM VM update for TFS and VS 2015

Great News! We have begun working on the ALM VM update for TFS and VS 2015. This will be update #2. We estimate to complete the update and make the VM and the Hands-on-Labs publicly available by the 2nd week of June.

If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions it would be great to hear from you.

Until then stay tuned!


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ALM 2015 Labs now available on TechNet Virtual Labs

In case if you are new to TechNet Virtual labs, It is a quick and easy way to evaluate and test Microsoft’s newest products and technologies through virtual environments that do not require any complex setup or installation. You can use virtual labs online immediately for free :)

The ALM VM 2015 and the corresponding labs are now available on TechNet Virtual Labs which means you can try them from a browser or a windows client without having to worry about downloading the entire virtual machine. Browse all the available labs by filtering Job Role by Developer from the left side navigation on the home page. Enjoy!!

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Availability of VS 2015 ALM VM

Well, the wait is finally over! – I am very pleased to announce the availability of Visual Studio ALM VM 2015. Updated with Visual Studio 2015 and Team Foundation Server 2015 , the VM and the corresponding Hands-on-Labs/Demo scripts are available now for download and ready for you to use!!

Please see the blog post below for the download links and to find out what’s new in the latest edition of the VM.

I would like to convey a special thanks to Brian Keller for guiding me through the process while transitioning the responsibilities of the ALM VM updates moving forward. I also want to thank Mike Gresley, Hosam Kamel and eDevTECH for helping with the hands-on-labs, and to Dylan Smith for allowing us to use his project on the VM.

Note: All earlier versions of the ALM VM and other VMs, for instance the Project Server – TFS Integration VM, will continue to be available for download from Brian Keller’s blog.

Please let me know if you have any feedback, comments or suggestions.

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