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ALMVM-Frequently Asked Questions

September 28, 2015 | 1 Comment

What is ALM VM?

Quite popularly known as Brain Keller VM (or BKVM), it is a virtual machine preinstalled with Visual Studio & Team Foundation server along with other supporting software coming pre-configured with sample projects, users, data and a set of hands-on-labs/demo scripts to help teams to use it for demonstration or evaluation purposes

When will the 2015 VM be available?

The VM has been updated and is ready for use. Please see this post for instructions to download the virtual machine

Where can I find the earlier versions of the ALM VM or other previous VMs?

Should you want to download the old versions of the VM, The 2015 version of the ALM VM can be donwloaded from here – . All other previous versions can be downloaded from Brian Keller’s blog

What’s new in the 2015 Update 2VM?

We have updated the virtual machine with Team Foundation Server 2015 Update 2 and Visual Studio 2015 Update 2.All corresponding lab materials have been updated to match the features of the latest version

Can I use this VM for production?

No, The VM cannot be used in a live operating environment. This is purely for the purpose of demonstration and internal evaluation only. You will need to activate the VM if you want to use it beyond 10 days. The license of the VM will expire after 180 days and you should stop using the VM after that

I do not see Mobile application development features on Visual Studio 2015

We took a concious decision not to include Cross-Platform mobile application development features in order to keep the size of the virtual machine same as the earlier versions. However, you can run the Visual Studio 2015 installer and choose Modify to include the cross platform mobile development features. Note that you will need to increase the size of the VHD in order to get additional free disk space.

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  1. are the VHD still using fixed size and wasting a lot of download bandwidth?

    why aren’t you using dynamic VHD – disk I/O performance is not relevant as it is used for demonstration only !

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